24 October, Vorona: Gheoghe Ţugui

This guy was amazing and he didn't let us forget it. Mask maker, craftsman, fluier maker and bon vivant, I drank the most ţuica in one in his tiny living room since I hit the road. He lives in a village that has a Centru, a downtown if you will. Big eyes.

Ţugui started playing only after he showed us his diplomas, which in Romanian refers to certificates of recognition or prizes given at a cultural event. He wanted to present a few, and I started snapping photos. The diplomas kept coming. Soon his wife came in bearing a scrapbook of yet more diplomas, and I kept shooting politely. I had to give up after a while though, worn out with the shear quantity of his recognition.

While I refreshed myself with a shot of ţuica and some tasty roasted peppers brought in by Mrs. Ţugui, Gheorghe started to play. Cobza, Caval, fluier, and this tiny reed instrument whose name I donţt know, about the size of a number 2 pencil.

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