22 October: A Jazz Gig in Iasi

Now here's something I didn't expect. I got hired to play a jazz concert in Iasi as art of the "Jazz în Cartier" series produced by the truly amazing Mihaela Marculescu, wife of the less amazing but but excellent musician Liviu Marculescu. The part that was unexpected was that I got paid, and I got paid better than playing at say, Martyr's on a tuesday night! or the Bad Dog. (Alfonso take note!) It was a blast, Liviu and I fronted the band and the young backup group swung hard. I got my picture on the front page of the Ziarul de Iasi, and write-up in the Monitorul. I was a sensation in Iasi for 24 hours. Then, as swiftly as I was propelled me to fame, I was forgotten, just like hollywood. All kidding aside it was one of the most appreciative audiences I have played for and the club was packed, standing room only, and it got me thinking how fun it would be to do a tour of Romania with some local jazz players. Then I would have a reason to come back and use all this Romanina I've been using. Totuşi, trebuie să mă duc, întălnesc cu cineva. Pa!

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